Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer Product Review:

You may be asking yourself what exactly is edge naturale?? Well i’m here to answer your question about this lovely product. Edge Naturale is for anybody who needs to regrow worn or damaged edges and wants to look their best again… but struggles with all the expensive and inferior products out there. The Follicle Enhancer retails for about $29.95 -$59.90. The size i’m using in the review is the 2oz size which is roughly around $30.00 us dollars.

I’m using this product because i’ve had a bad problem of thinning hair especially in my edges and crown area. Today, July 8th, is day one of using this product. My first impression is it smells so amazing. It reminds me of peppermint tea or any type of peppermint candy. it’s made with natural oils, peppermint and coconut milk. after application it started soothing and cooling my scalp.

The instructions state to “ Clean your edges or area of application with warm water. Dispense cream onto the problem area with your fingertips. You will feel a tingling sensation, this is the peppermint working to stimulate your follicles!” and i followed the exact instructions and felt the cooling sensation on my scalp. I started with a small amount on my thinning edges and worked my around to my crown.

This product does exactly what it’s suppose to and now that i’ve been using it for a certain length of time. i’m starting to notice changes in my affected areas. This product is not only helping my edges it’s also moisturizing them. I most definitely recommend this product to anyone . I feel like this product would work for natural hair or relaxed hair. Just ask your beautician before use.

Thank you for reading this post and remember to shop black owned business 🌞✨

with love , Sierra


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